With the leak of the ACS:Law database of users from BSKYB being pretty public I got my hands on the files - it wasn't hard, The Pirate Bay returns it if you search for ACS:Law or you can go direct to the torrent here.

Now converting the files wasn't hard (go to the folder in command prompt and type ren *.* *.eml) then drag and drop into an email client like Thunderbird from Mozilla, however most people probably won't want to do this.

Thats where this handy little page comes in. As far as I know there are 3 files in the emails which contain all the information, I've found 2 (easy since some kind people gave the file name) and can't be bothered to look for the third right now. So what I've gone and done is imported JUST the first initial, surname and postcode from the files into a database and created a nice little searcher.

I must stress this is all the information these tables hold and if you really want to get all the information, go download the torrent. It takes 2 seconds to do what I've done. Please don't bother trying to hack my site or database or whatever, there really is no good information there.

If you'd like to search the files, use the form below and see if its possible your on the list. Clicking the ads is appreciated too ;)